From Principal's Desk

Quality education is what makes learning a pleasure. Some measures of student's performance may be increased by competitions for grades, or by prizes, but such learning would be unhealthy. It takes a Quality experience to create an independent learner. Teachers must discuss with the students of what constitutes a Quality experience for them. The objective of this effort is to continuously seek a better way of imparting education to the students. Everyone in the system is expected, invited, and trained to participate in the improvement process, rather than just be dictated from the top administration.

The traditional approach of learning system that had been used for the last generation had proveto be helpful. However, with the help of multimedia, it can help enhancing our educational system and make learning to be more interesting and fun. The problem with the traditional approach of learning is that it is lack in creativity and often hard to understand. This tend to make learning a bit difficult and boring. Traditional learning also lacks in resource. This will make learning harder as students tend to be confuse and unable to understand the topic that they learn. With the help of multimedia which provide a lot of resource, learning could be fun and exciting experience. It will also help students to fully grasp an understanding of the subject that they learn. With the help of multimedia element, the educational system could evolved into that is much better that the traditional system.