Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Anti ragging committee has been constitured in the college by the order of Supreme Court Vide UGC Letter No. F.1-8/2006 (CPPII) Dt. 20-11-2007.

  • Students have to attend class regularly. Absence (on account of health or any other ground) will not be condoned unless an explanatory letter is sent by the guardian to the Principal. Degree students must have 75% attendance, failing which they cannot fillup exam forms.

  • A perpetual lapse in discipline on the part of any student will call for strict diciplinary action and after the third warning will be expelled from the college.

  • The college fee should be paid by Bank challan duly verified by A/C department.

  • Leave may be sought from the principal/H.O.D.

  • Student will have to carry out their official work themselves and guardians will not be allowed except in special classes.

  • No society, association or club will be formed in the name of the college without the prior permission of the principal.

  • No meeting shall be convened and no person shall be invited to address any meeting or society without the prior permission of the principal.

  • Students are supposed to show due respect and courtesy to the teachers and others employers of the college.

  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones within the college premises.

  • Strict diciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the college may be taken against students who do not abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the college.

Library Rules

  • A student can keep a book for a maximum of seven days only.

  • If a student fails to return the book on the scheduled date. She will be required to pay late fine of 50 Paise per day.

  • If a students loses/spoils the book, she will be required to either replace the book or pay the current price of the book.

  • If a student loses the Library Card. Duplicate card may be issuesd on payment of Rs. 25/-

  • The books will be issued to the students as per the schedule given hereunder from 10.30 AM to 2.00 PM everyday.