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To make a qualitative change in the paradigm shift defining the field of higher education in weaker sections of the Urban and Rural areas of Kolhan through the combination of grit and perseverance of self and acquired quality education, evaluation and self-sustenance.


The mission of this institution first and foremost is empowerment of girls belonging to all strata of society. As the affluent strata are already empowered therefore special emphasis is required forstudents belonging to lower and middle sections of society.

Our mission statement aims at translating the following into action plans:-

# Providing quality education to girls.

# Periodic evaluation of acquired knowledge in a balanced and fair manner so that our students acquire a balanced and wholesome personality.

# To stimulate and propagate the academic environment for promotion of quality in teaching and learning.

# To encourage co-curricular and extra-curricular activities so that our students excel in every sphere of life.

# To collaborate with other stake-holders in the field of higher education for self-evaluation, accountability, decision-making and sustainability.

# Special emphasis on development of interaction with all sections of society and enhance nation-building.


# The college was visualized with a Vision and defined philosophy. Tt was intended to accelerate the pace of progressive empowerment of girl students through education.

# As it is clear, classroom education has its own limitations due to prescribed curriculum, hence one objective would be to break the shackles of stereo-type education system. This could be achieved by the re-orientation of the system adopting modern methodology, contents and application of principles of education.

# One of the major objectives of the college is to con•elate and integrate the philosophy of education which liberates and sublimates the wholesome personality to meet the needs of the changing society.